About Us

Clariss INC Dubai is a global beauty company with a portfolio of Clariss brands in the categories of Fragrances, Skin Care and Body Care. Our company produces quality products and is also involved in the promotion of the products produced. Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our work which drives us to fulfill different demands and expectations of our clients up to the maximum level.
Our mission is to continuously develop the innovative chemistry required to produce a better CLARISS for the consumers and to differentiate our products. We strongly believe that customer-oriented production is the key to reach out to the hearts of our customers.

Our Mission

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.

Our Ambition

To Become Global Brand with a portfolio of CLARISS brand in the categories of Fragrances, Skin Care, Body Care, Food, Oil, Baby Care & Men’s Grooming.

Brand Assortment

We thrive to differentiate our products and continuously try to develop products which are like no others.

Our brand makes a great harmony by their formulas, production, packaging and design. Discover our brands.